Automated information system for identification, registration and tracing of animals and products of animal origin.

When building of safe and secure food supply chain becomes a prerequisite it highlights the need to establish unified rules of identification, registration and tracing of farm animals both at the national and international levels and to use them as basis for development oftechnologies that will provide traceability of products of animal origin. Traceability of life cycle of animals and food chain transparency "from field to table" are still a vital topic, despite the success of legislation and vast experience of many countries in this subject areaFor example, legislation of the European Union (EU) requires that all farm animals are identified and registered: bovine animals, horses, swine, sheep, goats, etc. Besides, in many countries around the world animal identification was used as basis for building systems for control and monitoring offood chains to ensure product safety of food products. However, the infectious disease outbreaks (FMD, African swine et al.), as well as intentional unfair actions of some market participants (for example, the horse meat case in Europe in 2013) force to constantly improve countermeasures to possible threats to consumer security. It is required to create efficient technologies for on-line traceability of animals and batches of products of animal origin supplied to the markets.

Belarusian automated information system for identification, registration and tracing of animals and products of animal origin (AITS) is used in agricultural industry to identify owners of animals regardless of the form of ownership, livestock facilities and animalsThe system ensures traceability of life cycle and health status of animalsin the Republic of Belarus and is based on national and international standards in the field of animal identification as well as the GS1 system of global standards. In addition, it allows creating of effective information technologies for traceability at the national, sectoral and corporate levels.

AITS enables scheduling of preventive and diagnostic veterinary procedures, monitoring of spread of infectious animal diseases.


AITS is a centralized system built with the use of bar coding and RFID-technologies on the basis of a powerful information node with appropriate means of communicationThe system enables performing user operations in an interactive mode providing access to the web portal via HTTP / HTTPS-connections.

Depending on the role assigned to the user during registration, the system gives the user access to appropriate function. AITS consists of four basic components:
WEB-interface, which enables interactive work with the web portal;
- unit of WEB-services, which provides integration with related information systems;
a centralized repository which contains the system data base;
softwarefor mobile devices

Mobile devices are used to identify animals, register events and animal health activities in the field. Each mobile device provides authentication of users of the system. AITS provides traceability of animals from birth to slaughter, recording 21 types of basic events. List of these events can be easily modified, including:
-       birth of an animal; 
-       identification of an animal;
-       all events related to movement of an animals;
-       all sanitary and veterinary activities carried out for an animal;
-       loss or death of animals;
-       sending an animal for slaughter;
-       identification of an animal carcass for enabling traceability of products of animal origin.

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