ePASS.MOBILe – scanning software for cell phones, designed for reading product bar codes stored in the Belarusian pool of electronic passports of goods (http://epass.by/, further in the text - ePASS). The software reads bar code, connects ePASS (via internet connection), finds there description of good marked with this code and outputs basic information on the product on monitor.

The key feature of this information is 100% accuracy. This is due to the fact that information is introduced to the ePASS only by the manufacturer of this product or its first importer to Belarus. After this the information is subjected to verification of compliance with international rules and standards for e-commerce as regards basic attributes.

Therefore according to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Belarus of 22.08.2011, №1116, ePASS was granted a status of basic information system for maintaining processes of e-commerce and for automated record keeping in the commodity distribution networks.

Standard open version ePASS.MOBILe provides 5 attributes of product description (the number of attributes is rising – follow the updates).

Complete descriptions of goods in Russian language (more than 90 attributes) which are stored in ePASS are available for a fee (see agreement on the site http://epass.by/). By means of automated services these descriptions are delivered to participants of supply chains (retailers, internet-shops, EDI providers, etc.) for application in business-process automation systems. This allows to reduce cost of repeatable manual data input in information systems; exclude errors and provide uniformity of information about the product across the whole supply chain; automatically monitor and transfer to consumers information on documents verifying quality and safety of goods, particularly but not exclusively by means of ePASS.MOBILe, etc.

As on March 1, 2013 ePASS contains more than 7 mln descriptions of goods. These are mainly goods, assigned a Belarusian bar code beginning with digits 481. However, starting from the year 2013, not only descriptions of Belarusian products are input in ePASS, but also descriptions of goods which barcodes are registered in other countries in accordance with the GS1 standards.

Around 3500-5000 new products are added to ePASS daily.

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